Lirik fabrizio faniello I NO CAN DO wali cari jodoh cover

Lagu dengan Nada cari jodoh ini dibawakan oleh fabrizio faniello ini cukup enak di dengar ditelinga, berikut liriknya

I walked on the street
When of all the friends i meet
Is the one, one who is with you
He says to coming now
Come to dinner come to town
In my girl, what am i to do?
No one knows, in my heart it’s
No one knows, my heart
belongs to you
I coming on my own
And i say my girl is home
But i know, know it doesn’t true
When i said it face to trace
And i want to live this face
Cause i have only eyes for you
I’m afraid i’ll betray it soon
I’m afraid that I’ll betray it soon

I no can do, i no can do
I cannot open up my heart
Along that side to the night and
send my tears to the stars
I tell the
moon how i feel but
never knew
I no, i no can do

I no can do, i no can do
But i am sure how i feel
You are the one that i love
The moon, the stars no doubt
it’s real
but never you, cause i no more
heart to steal
I no can do, i no can do
I’m going back inside
and pretend that i’m alright
But you knew, knew must
spinning around
It’s hard for me to say
Saying everythings okay
Cause i see, you have someone
And my love, never will be
And my love, it never will be
Kembali ke reff… Lalu ke reff…2

Download/belilah kaset dan cd yang asli… hargailah karya orang lain 😛


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